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Quilt Hoodie

It may or may not be winter now, but, a Quilt Hoodie just seems to put a smile on your face. Why? When we up-cycle or recycle a beautiful aged Vintage Quilt, life just feels better.


Great Quilt ideas start with Great Quilts from Feathered Farm Quilts!

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Our Quilt Hoodies

There is nothing quite like the feel of a well worn Vintage Quilt. That is why we hand pick the texture and feel of every Vintage Quilt used in the construction of our Vintage Quilt Hoodies. We think you will Love them just like we do.


Vivid and subtle Colors

The colors that enhance your style and embrace your fashion. The choices seem endless.

Feels so soft!

When we select Vintage Quilts to be used for Quilt Coats and Quilt Hoodies, we say, “The softer the Better.” Mmmmm, so soft!

Classic Style

We select from many Vintage styles of Quilts to make our Quilt Hoodies.From the Fan, Dresden Plate, Lone Star, Log Cabin, Daisy Chain, Pickle and the Wedding Ring and so many more, Classic is Classy. 

So many Quilt Bandanas to choose from
100% WOW!
Our Vintage Quilt Bandanas are made right here in the U.S.A.

Featured Fantasticalness

From Vintage Quilts to up-cycled and recycled Quilt products, Feathered Farm Quilts is a Great resource for locating Great Quilts For Great Quilt ideas.

Quilt Coats

When the past is wraped nicely around you a Quilt Coat lets you be in the present while reflecting on Vintage times.

Vintage Quilts

It seems like every Vintage Quilt holds a story. Who knows the it has had or the life and times of its previous owners. Now it is your turn to own a piece of history. A Vintage Quilt.

We collect Quilts from a great many places. We spend the time to find them at Estate sales, Thrift Shops, Antique Shops, Yard Sales and directly from individuals all over America.

Quilt Hoodies

For a more casual look, the Quilt Hoodie. Where comfort reigns Supreme. The Quilt Hoodie is a perfect match for those days when Soft is in.

“It has and will be a continued pleasure to bring our customers Great Quilts. Thank you”

Feathered Farm Quilts

Great Quilt ideas start with Great Quilts from Feathered Farm Quilts!

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